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2008 - Yorkshire SignFilm Festival

What can I say? Ysff was fantastic!! Brilliant! Wonderful! Words (and sign) cannot convey! I've been to many many different 'days', 'projects' etc over the 18 years I've been working with deaf children and I have to say this was the best one by far!! It was so well organised, - all the equipment to organise, the packs with information over the 2 days they got to keep, the deaf presenters able to reach every child, the humour, the understanding of the way deaf children learn, the variety of activities - it was so interesting it had the children gripped. You built up the children's confidence in there abilities - like the scriptwriting bit asking them to think what would happen next in the pictures.

Once again thank you for all your effort, hard work, expertise and everything.... now we just need an idea for our film!

Allerton Grange School - Leeds


We really enjoyed our two days at the Yorkshire Sign Film Festival the other week. The festival was a great success! It was good for all the deaf students in Yorkshire to get together in a fun, relaxed environment and to learn a new skill. Our three students had a fantastic time and are very keen to return next year. It was really positive for them to make new deaf friends and to meet and learn from successful Deaf adults. The voice-over interpretation enabled the event to be accessible to non-signing students with hearing loss. This was a very positive aspect to the event as it allowed these students to experience the event and to also gain valuable deaf awareness.

Our students are putting together a display about what they have learnt and we have had some of our best pictures from the day put onto the TV screens in the school reception. I’ve attached the file to this email. We’ll look forward to receiving your pictures in the post.

A huge thank you to the whole team for all your hard work and time in putting on such a quality event. We wish you all the best for your plans for next years Festival!

Keep in touch,
Naomi Jarrett
CSW Wickersley School - Rotherham

Our pupils have done some great follow-up work related to the Festival in their English lessons. It was a well worth experience. It also gave them much needed contact with other Hearing Impaired Children and has contributed to their deaf and hearing awareness and their overall sense of well being and worth.
Congratulations on a wonderful experience!

Claire Ormandy


I spoke to Wayne Richards (Deaf Instructor) and Debbie Paul, a deaf classroom support worker, and they gave me the following feedback about the Deaf Film Festival.

Wayne said it was a very opportunity to learn about a new subject. There was very practical use of the video camera. The work on editing was visual and clear. The event was also an excellent opportunity to meet other deaf teenagers.

Deborah thought the introduction was good, that is introducing all the people. She also enjoyed the DVD of the Deaf Comedian, it was very visual.

I also asked Wayne for feedback from our children. Four of the pupils have written comments which I have enclosed. Wayne and Mary also gave me feedback from the other pupils. Most of them said they very much enjoyed the two days and learned lots. Next time they would like more practical works and less working / listening to explanations. They wanted to be even more active in role, drama and family. Some said they wanted more BSL interpreters. They said they would definitely like to come again.

Your Sincerely
Michael Pulford
Thorn Park School Bradford